-l-, -ll-
Much confusion is caused by differing spelling practice in BrE and AmE in verbs of two syllables pronounced with the stress on the second syllable, e.g. enthrall/enthral and fulfil/fulfill. Practice varies even within each variety of English; the following table lists the recommended spellings:
BrE / AmE
annul / annul
appal / appall
befall / befall
distil / distill
enrol / enroll
enthral / enthrall
extol / extol
fulfil / fulfill
install / install
instil / instill
The recommended spellings for nouns in -ment are:
BrE / AmE
annulment / annulment
enrolment / enrollment
enthralment / enthrallment
extolment / extolment
fulfilment / fulfillment
instalment / installment
instilment / instillment
For the spelling of inflected forms of verbs in -l (appal, appalled, appalling, etc.) see doubling of final consonants in inflection.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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